Dr. Kevin Niksarli, MD – Giving the Gift of Better Vision

Dr. Kevin Niksarli is a board certified ophthalmologist who has performed over 45,000 succesful laser vision correction procedures. Dr. Niksarli has become a savior to people who have complaints about their eyesight or those who are dependent upon eyeglasses to see well. Dr. Niksarli describes the technical possibilities of laser vision corrections in the following way. “We create what can be called a lid above the eye before the surgery; we used to use machines with a razor, but now we perform those procedures with lasers as well.” Kevin Niksarli, MD says that many patients come to the clinic with trepidations but then after the laser surgery even their expressions change, that when they are free from the eyeglasses or lenses they relax both psychologically and physically and that within a few hours they can go back to their daily activities. In his own words: “We perform this surgery to free them from their eyeglasses.” He also treats hypermetropia, astigmatism and myopia as well. “The most common eyesight problem is myopia and it is also very common among the younger population. This is why myopia surgeries lead the way. The cases of hypermetropia and astigmatism treated by laser surgery are also not few. Hypermetropia usually becomes evident after the age of 40. The upper age limit for these surgeries is 65,” he says as he explains the average age of his patients. Dr. Kevin Niksarli,MD has stopped performing cataract surgeries in the past few years and only performs laser vision corrections, while he refers his cataract patients to other colleagues.

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