Pink Eye

Pink eye is also called as Conjunctivitis, is a common eye disease that might have affected lots of us. It is usually caused due to an infection or irritation of the conjunctiva or by viral, bacterial, or other allergic factors, says Dr. Kevin Niksarli. Though pink eye is not so severe eye disease, but the bacterial infections need to be cured because it is liable to be contiguous to other people who come in contact with you. Viral and bacterial pink eye is infectious but it is said that pink eye that is allergic is not infectious. Pink eye looks very awful on initial diagnosis since the eye may turn too red lots of itchiness and irritation.

Causes of Pink Eye: One of the most common causes of Pink eye is its redness, inflammation, or irritation. The conjunctiva is clear and thin film that cover up the white part of the eyes with the inner facade of the eyelids. It usually reacts to viruses, bacteria, allergies, irritants, or other diseases of the body. Viral Conjunctivitis is generated by viruses that spread out from ailments such as sore throats, colds, respiratory infections or others. Due to attack of some bacteria, it is possible that eye can get affected with Conjunctivitis of bacteria. Due to some allergies such as cosmetics, fumes, drugs, air instinctive chemicals, dust mites there are chances of getting caught to allergic conjunctivitis.

Pink Eye Symptoms: There are many varieties of pink eye disorders and each type has varying degrees of specific symptoms. The evidently obvious symptom of pink eye is the pink or reddish color eyes which are caused due to irritation of the conjunctiva. Itchiness and Irritation are two other indications that are regularly trait of conjunctivitis. Too much tearing of eyes is one more common symptom of it. Some of the differences between the pink eye types comprise release that possibly common in both bacterial and viral conjunctivitis. This ejection may be green or yellow and can source the eyelids to gum together or may stream down from the eye sides.

Pink Eye Treatment and Medication: For bacterial infections to be treated off, a doctor can advise pink eye antibiotics to fight against the bacteria. These medications can be in the form of ointments or eye drops that are inserted in the eyes for some days. Allergic Pink eye can be treated by Patanol which is eye drop for allergy. It is proven to be so effective and just need to be inserted 2 times a day. It is safe, both for kids and older person. For reducing discharge, warm compresses are the best for taking out the sticky material with the crusty and dried parts around the eyes. For continual problems it is good to consult your eye care specialist.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then soon visit your eye doctor and take the appropriate medication to cure it permanently. Learn about other eye care topics such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. If your interested in laser vision correction contact Dr. Kevin Niksarli at Manhattan LASIK Center.

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